The Association of Hong Kong Professionals (hereafter, AHKP) was established in August 2005, a non-profit seeking organisation dedicated  in promoting Hong Kong professional services industries, contributing to citizens’ livelihood, upholding our core values, and enhancing Hong Kong professionals’ representation and competitiveness. As of 2018, over 600 professional individuals have joined AHKP, spinning across the spectrum of ten professional institutions, including doctors, dentists, barristers, lawyers, engineers, architects, planners, surveyors, horticulturists and accountants. AHKP is always advocating in Hong Kong social and economic policies and development, as well as accelerating professional exchange between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Eyeing the competitiveness from surrounding countries have been growing exponentially, the pertinence and value of professionalism and how we utilize advantage is on the rise. Under the “One Country, Two Systems” principle, Hong Kong is fortunate to contribute a significant role in the national economic and social development; in particular, the closely involvement in the Belt and Road Initiatives and the Great Bay Area development. Hong Kong has all along been a platform to provide international recognised professionalism, these cooperative agreements have facilitated exceptional opportunities for both Hong Kong and Chinese experts to foster knowledge capital and monetary exchange, so as to maximise a win-win situation for the two places.

AHKP believes congregating Hong Kong professionals’ expertise would benefit the provided opportunities, in way which to reinforce Hong Kong as a world class city cluster leveraging the globe and China. Across the years, with our professionalism and endeavour,  AHKP has been actively organising events in leveraging Hong Kong professionals, and engaging in the discussion of Hong Kong social and economic affairs, in order to improve competitiveness to Hong Kong’s professionals; to tailor citizens’ needs in social affairs; to participate in supporting government’s policy making; and to motivate partnership with China’s Belt and Road initiative. Hence, reinforcing and fostering Hong Kong leading status on the global arena.

With the aim of contributing to a better Hong Kong and the splendid future of China, AHKP sincerely invites qualified professionals and elites who engage in professional services to be part of us.