The Association of Hong Kong Professionals (AHKP), founded in August 2005, is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to promoting Hong Kong’s professional services, accelerating the exchange with the Mainland, and improving the overall image and competitiveness of professionals in Hong Kong. AHKP currently has some 500 members, spinning across the spectrum of the ten professional institutions in Hong Kong including doctor, dentist, barrister, lawyer, engineer, architect, planner, surveyor, horticulturist and accountant.

AHKP have been actively participating in social affairs and in promoting constitutional reform and economic development of Hong Kong ever since it was established, thanks to the support of the professional institutions. Our professionalism and endeavour have built us up with recognition in the mother country, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government, the associated professional institutions, and the society at large. With their support, AHKP has been able to promote better professional services in Hong Kong; to better participate social affairs in pace with the heartbeat of the society; to provide better and more proactive support to the HKSAR government, and to tie in the strategy of the Mainland in line with her open door policy.

It is the 60th anniversary of the People Republic of China. China has developed rapidly with remarkable achievements and plays a major role in the global society. Hong Kong SAR is fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute to China with a role in its economic and social development. Under the “One Country, Two Systems”, the Hong Kong SAR has built up close connection with the Mainland, resulting in mutual benefits and complementary advantages. The Hong Kong professionals, with unhampered initiatives, always endeavour to contribute their specialised skills and know-how to enhance and glorify professionalism and professional services. The AHKP believes that, through the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), the process of mutual recognition of professional qualifications between the Mainland and Hong Kong SAR can be speeded up, allowing both the professionals in Hong Kong and the Mainland to practice equally in both areas. AHKP hopes that all professional bodies can work together to contribute to the development of the Mainland and Hong Kong SAR.